Smoke Generation Tubes (Air Flow Indicator)

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Uniphos Smoke Generation Tubes (Air Flow Indicator) for use with SMT-1 Smoke Tube Kit.

Uniphos SMOKE GENERATION TUBES (Air Flow Indicator) can be used for respirator fit testing or to visualize air flows such as in ducting or fume hoods. The tubes are of the stannic chloride type recommended by OSHA for respirator fit testing.

For the selection of gas sampling points with Respect
Designed for tracing low-velocity air movement
Filled with stannic chloride specified by OSHA for the irritant smoke fit test procedure
Used for checking air flow direction in mines, testing the performance of fume hoods, exhaust discharge, dryers, stacks and in HVAC Systems
Finding out wind direction and approximate wind speed

Each Box of Smoke Generation Tubes contains 10 detector tubes, 1 bulb, 2 caps, and 1 tip cutter.