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The Portable PID (PPID) is a new generation of portable Photoionization Detectors to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with an ionisation potential <10.6 eV. It presents the known measuring properties from the PPM in an entirely revised, modern concept. The state-of-the-art PID technology in combination with the experience of two decades of instruments construction provides the professional user with an instrument for highest sensitivity and robustness. Designed for field use, the Portable PID can be used for person-related as well as stationary measuring tasks in which hazardous substance concentrations (gases, vapours) in air (working environment, inner rooms, soil air, environment) must be monitored.

The PPID meets all requirements of a modern, low maintenance and user-friendly photoionization measurement system.

  • measuring range 0…2,000ppm (Isobuten equivalent)
  • PID signal linearization
  • temperature and humidity compensation
  • Large data memory for up to 60.000 files
  • expand able response table with approximate values for 250 gases preinstalled

The Portable PID uses a hollow cathode lamp (10.6 eV) as the ionization source. This lamp offers with its ceramic discharge channel from a highly stable UV output and a guaranteed life of 5000 hours (typically up to 10,000 hours).

Via the USB interface, the device offers the possibility to read out the measured values and various status messages, as well as an online measurement.

We also have fixed versions of this detector with Zone 1 IECEX certification for hazardous areas.