Stationary Photoionization Detector (10.6eV)

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The Stationary Photoionization Detector SPID2 is a continuously measuring detector for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with an ionization potential <10.6 eV. The use of new technologies for the excitation source and the sensor allows a high stability of measurement and longer maintenance intervals. An integrated active carbon filter and the circuit sampling an automatic fresh air setup and automatic calibration are controlled.
The device is designed and approved for use in explosive atmospheres.



Extended measuring range
A new sensor unit allows an extended measuring range of up to 2 000 ppm (isobutene) with high resolution even at low concentrations.
Easy user interface
A graphic display with intuitive user guidance, clear text instructions and step-by-step configuration support the ease of use.
High performance PID lamp
The ionization source is a high stable hollow cathode lamp with an energy of 10.6 eV. With its ceramic discharge channel, the stability is improved and a longer service life of up to 15 000 hours and more will achieved.
Extended service interval
The high stability of the lamp and the special design of the sensor in conjunction with automatic feeding of pollutant-free air through an activated carbon filter results in longer maintenance intervals.
Automatic fresh air setup
For testing and adjusting the zero-point, pollution free air is applied via the activated carbon filter periodically thru the gas path.
Temperature / humidity compensation
The integrated humidity / temperature sensor measures in addition to the sensor signal the physical environment data and compensates their influence on the measuring result.
Simple calibration
Even in heavy environment, only one calibration gas is required for the simple menu driven 2-point calibration. The applied active carbon filter provides the zero point.
Flexible connections
A wide range supply voltage, a configurable current loop output, alarm and fault relays and a RS485 interface with MODBUS protocol make it easy to integrate the detector into target system.
IECEx / ATEX certification
The SPID2 fulfils the requirement for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and has the appropriate certifications in accordance with ATEX and IECEx.