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Gas Alarm Systems can design, engineer, supply, service and maintain Refrigerant Leak Detection & Alarm System to meet the safety standard guidelines.

Here, you will find attached the technical submission acknowledgement from GBCA (contributions from Gas Alarm Systems): Technical Submission acknowledgement

Gas Alarm System can supply Refrigerant Leak Detection System to meet:

  • AS 1677.2 safety standard in refrigeration plant room for refrigerant gases such as R134a, R410a, etc. including IR technology for VRV, VRF applications
  • GBCA Guidelines to get Green Star Rating Credits for building having Refrigerant Leak Detection System

In addition, please download our application bulletin for Natural Refrigeration Leak Monitoring and our technical brochure for Engineering aspects and capabilities (Regulation & Standards).

Gas Alarm System has been an expert in the field of Refrigerant detection and monitoring. We would be more than happy to assist you with any requirement you have for refrigerants leak detection. Simply e-mail us at sales@gasalarm.com.au or call us at 02 98387220.