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Each year, millions of dollars worth of coal stockpiles and assets are destroyed worldwide in fires due to spontaneous combustion of coal and conveyor belt fires (frictional heat) in coal mines, coal stock piles, coal stock yards, coal loading terminals, shipping yards and coal-based power plants.


Smoke and/or flame detection is not a solution, as by the time smoke and flames are detected, it is too late. GasAlarm’s Polygard CO monitoring and Control System is designed to monitor CO gas(Spontaneous combustion of coal; product of coal combustion) for early fire warning.


Installing Polygard CO monitoring systems offers advantages as below:

  • Saves millions of dollars worth of assets and coal stock
  • Recovers the cost of installation by way of reducing insurance premiums
  • provides safety to your plant and personnel from toxic carbon monoxide poisoning


For further information on spontaneous combustion of coal and how we can help, please read our article on projectlink: https://www.projectlink.com.au/news/the-solution-to-spontaneous-combustion-of-coal