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10 years in installation and our Carbon Monoxide Sensor is still delivering accurate measurements!

The above picture is of or Carbon Monoxide Sensor GAS-CO-300-X in installation. It carries a label tag with AP: 07/09 on it – which means the sensor approximately is in operation since 7th Week (February) of the year 2009. Our customer has confirmed it is still delivering accurate measurements and is quite happy about it.

Our recent newsletter speaks about how compact our new CO sensor is and we can deliver high volume of gas sensors at a very competitive price. If you have missed out on our latest edition newsletter, you can download it here:

CO sensor: GAS-CO-300-X

We have received similar feedback from many of our other customers. Hence, we are proud to endorse it as a product that guarantees high reliability. We’ve got every reason for you to choose us: Compact, Cost-efficient, Excellent Reliability & Accuracy and Mass Market Ready! Please e-mail us for further information or simply call us at 0298387220 to book your next order!