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Gas Alarm Systems has been chosen as a preferred supplier for N2O Gas Detector system for one of the research institutes in WA.

N2O – Nitrous Oxide is widely used in hospitals as well as in research laboratories as a general anaesthetic. Though widely used, several studies of workers have shown that occupational exposure to N2O causes adverse effects such as reduced fertility, spontaneous abortions, and neurologic, renal, and liver disease. A very large population of health care workers is potentially exposed to N2O, and therefore the recommendation is to have the proper work practices in place to minimize worker exposures. The only way to ensure the employees are adequately protected from the N2O exposure is by monitoring N2O concentrations. It’s important that concentrations are accurately measured and also leaks and exposure levels are monitored closely, as long term and repeated exposure can be harmful to human health.

Our Nitrous Oxide Gas Sensor/Transmitter are widely used in hospitals, laboratories, gas filling or gas storage areas for a reliable monitoring and controlling of N2O.

E-mail us at sales@gasalarm.com.au to learn more about our N2O Gas detector System or give us a quick call at +61298387220 to discuss how we could assist you.