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Various experiments are conducted in a university and research laboratories, using a wide variety of gases, which may be highly toxic or flammable. Such institutions are equipped with gas storage cylinders and have processes that involve chemical reactions on a daily basis as a part of research/study and hence pose a wide hazard. To ensure the safety of the staff and the student; laboratories should be equipped with toxic and combustible gas detection to monitor any hazardous gas leaks.


GasAlarm System provides a solution with a range of gas detectors for the detection of toxic as well as combustible gases in the laboratories. Our detector identifies any potential leaks and gives an early warning alerting the staff of any potential gas leaks.


Please visit our website at Gas List and click on the gas that needs to be monitored. Select and install an appropriate toxic and combustible gas detection system that is not only vital to your health and occupational program but also ensures the health and safety of the staff and the students.


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