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Each year millions of dollars are wasted due to fire and explosions in industries such as coal mines, power plants, oil & gas, pharma, food and grain industries. This happens as the fire is detected too late. During an explosion the fire goes through various stages as:

  • 1st stage : Gas radicals (host of gases are generated depending on the application)
  • 2nd stage: Non-visible smoke
  • 3rd stage : Visible smoke
  • 4th stage : Red Hot
  • 5th Stage : Flame


Process industries so far have been using flame and smoke sensors for fire detection. However,flame detection is not a solution as by the time flame is detected – it is too late. Same is with smoke detectors – it is too late.


There is no visible smoke, no flame and very little heat during the first stage. Gaseous radicals are generated depending on the application. Very early fire and smoke monitoring system picks up this gas radicals and generates alarm. Detection by our VEFSA monitors 1st stage of fire / smoke, to give earliest sign of fire and smoke, even before invisible smoke occurs.



  • Better safety for plant and personnel
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Reduced down time
  • Prevention of loss of resources
  • Save time and money


Also, while conventional smoke and fire detectors are affected by dust, moisture due to optional detection method, VEFSA give you uninterrupted, continuous and true alarm because of unmatched and advance detection technology and microprocessor based value processing. Our PolyGard VEFSA – Very Early Fire Warning and Safety Alarm works on monitoring the products of combustion (CO) and generating alarm through a control system so the timely corrective action can be initiated.


Don’t wait till the damage is done. Install our VEFSA  that addresses the need for early fire detection and offers a very early warning of potential fire, avoiding any further damage. For further information, please e-mail us.