Duct mounting set (C2-Z2) for SC2 sensors

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Air Duct mounting set (SC2 sensors)

The duct mounting set consists of a sampling tube with hose and adapter for SC2 sensors.

• Perfect coverage of the sensor head
• Double pipe can be cut to length for adaptation to the duct diameter


Gas sampling – Via sampling tube / connecting hose

Flow rate – Min. 5000 m/h (3.1 mph), max. 20,000 m/h (12.4 mph)

Air duct diameter – Min. 0.1 m, max. 1.0 m
Length of sampling tube – 250 mm (9.84 in.), adaptable to the duct diameter by cutting to length: 192 mm (7.56 in.), 133 mm (5.24 in.) or 77 mm (3.03 in.)* Hose length 2 x 1000 mm (39.37 in.)

− Arrow at the sampling set in flow direction
− Always install in the centre of the duct
− Keep a minimum distance of at least 1000 mm to duct bends etc.

To ensure that the gas sensors have a sufficient air supply, it must be checked after installation whether the air volume is still sufficient at the lowest volume flow.

For high pressure or flow rate, following adjustment options are available to reduce the flow:
-Type SSS-10×5 (4 pipe bodies) can be shortened to 3/2/1.
-Turning the tube out of the flow direction during assembly.
-Closing parts of the air slots on the pipes before assembly.


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